Lingual frenulum? Uvula? Flipper? Don’t be caught unprepared!

This 5-program, Spanish language series gives you the concepts and vocabulary needed for a wide variety of basic and advanced dental encounters. You'll gain a strong grasp of dental anatomy and learn about:

  • Specialists involved in dental care
  • "Must know" procedures performed
  • Conditions treated

You'll have an opportunity to practice with professionally recorded audio role-plays and terminology exercises. Bilingual glossaries of dental terminology are provided as well.  

The courses are self-paced and delivered completely online. 

Programs include:   

  • Interpreting for Dental Hygiene
  • Interpreting for Dental Restorations
  • Interpreting for Denture Services
  • Interpreting for Oral Surgery
  • Challenges in Interpreting for Dental Services 

Accessible for 90 days from date of purchase/published date.

CCHI 9 CE Hours
ATA 9 CE Points
IMIA 0.9 CE Units