Course Description

This two-hour online program gives interpreters the concepts and vocabulary needed for dental restoration encounters, fillings, crowns, and bridges.

This program will:

  • Review the anatomy and physiology of the mouth and dentition
  • Describe the process of filling a cavity, making a crown, or fitting a dental bridge
  • Identify the questions that dentists will routinely ask during these procedures as well as the aftercare instructions that patients may receive

This course includes exercises and dialogues to internalize key dental terminology in English and interpret this terminology accurately and faithfully. A bilingual glossary of dental restorations terminology is included in English and Spanish.

Accessible for 90 days from date of purchase/published date.

CCHI 2 CE Hours
ATA 2 CE Points
IMIA 0.2 CE Hours - Approval Pending


Cynthia E. Roat, MPH

Cynthia E. Roat is an international consultant on language access in healthcare. She is the author of a wide array of key resources in the field and the primary developer of the original version of Bridging the Gap, for many years the country’s most widely offered training for healthcare interpreters. She is a founding member of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC), where she was a long-time board member and chair of various committees; a founding member of the Washington State Coalition for Language Access (WASCLA); and a former board member of the Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society (NOTIS).

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Interpreting for Dental Restorations

    • Interpreting for Dental Restorations - Part 1

    • Quiz 1A: Anatomy of the Mouth

    • Quiz 1B: Anatomy of the Tooth

    • Interpreting for Dental Restorations - Part 2

    • Quiz 2: Fillings

    • Interpreting for Dental Restorations - Part 3

    • Quiz 3: Crown Bridges Veneers

    • Interpreting for Dental Restorations - Part 4

  • 2


    • Vocabulary Exercise 1: Meaning / Choose the correct definition for each of the words in a dental context.

    • Vocabulary Exercise 2: Conversion [Spanish_Answer Key]

    • Dental Hygiene Glossary - Spanish

  • 3

    Audio Role Play

    • Role Play Instruction Video

    • Dental Restoration: Audio Role Play - English-Spanish

    • Interpreting practice dialogue - Spanish - Suggested Translations

  • 4

    Final Exam

    • Final: Mouth (Oral Cavity) : 1-10

    • Final: The Tooth 11-18

    • Final: Questions 19 - 50: Choose the best answer.

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