Medical Healthcare Interpreter Training

Online Program - Live Instruction | Instructed by Soraya Alamdari, Ph.D, CHI™, CMI-Spanish


Registration for February 2019 opens 12/1/2018  

Medical Healthcare Interpreter Training

Starts February 11 

  • Classes meet Monday & Wednesday
  • Early & late sessions each day -- 6 pm EST & 6 pm PST
  • Program finishes March 15

Students must attend at least one of the class sessions on each day class is held--either the early session or the late session.

Prerequisite: Bilingual Assessment takes pride in interpreter success and emphasizes effective learning experiences. Our program will challenge you like no other, but we will prepare you like no other as well.

In this training program you will have the opportunity to learn all of the information needed to pass your national certification exam. In this course you will:

  • Complete purpose-driven learning assignments
  • Engage in meaningful learning experiences
  • Practice interpreting skills with your classmates
  • Focus on carefully curated medical terminology
  • Learn and receive helpful guidance from your instructor and the instructional staff.

Instructional Staff? Yes! Dr. Alamdari is a practicing certified interpreter and experienced, currently active university professor. Joining her is Margaret "Peg" Haas of the celebrated program at Kent State University. Peg has traveled extensively and participated in overseas medical missions in both active and oversight roles. Both of these college professors have the experience gained from teaching thousands of students and the wisdom needed to help individual students to succeed.

Classes will meet Mondays and Wednesdays with two scheduled times each day. This is to be convenient for both East Coast and West Coast students. (Early and Late Class) Students will need to attend all class sessions (one session each meeting day), properly complete all assignments and also successfully pass the final exam to receive a certificate of completion.

Soraya Alamdari, Ph.D, CHI™, CMI-Spanish
Soraya Alamdari, Ph.D, CHI™, CMI-Spanish
Soraya Alamdari, Ph.D., CHI™,CMI-Spanish, is a freelance healthcare interpreter and trainer from Los Angeles, California. 

She teaches medical interpreting using different delivery platforms, from an in person 40-hour program with InterpreterEd to an online program for the Medical Interpreting Certificate Award program at California State University, Fresno. Served as Program Coordinator and Lead Instructor for the Medical Interpreter Certificate Program at California State University, Los Angeles.

Soraya holds an MA and a Ph.D. In Hispanic Languages and Literatures -

Advanced Certificate in Translation Studies -
University of Chicago’s Translation Studies Certificate Program

Certificate in Interpretation and Translation, Spanish<>English -
UCLA Extension Certificate Program in Legal Interpretation and Translation

Completed the National Center for Interpretation’s Medical Interpreter Training Institute -University of Arizona.

Training of Trainers for the Healthcare Interpreting Profession -
Monterey Institute of International Studies