Course Description

Meets once a week for 12 weeks

This live, online workshop aims to improve your interpreting skills essential in any encounter, with specific attention to English language skills so that you can more easily pass your certification exam. We focus on the following based on your needs:

  • Active listening and reading – An interpreter should always be engaged in the conversation being interpreted.
  • Reading and listening comprehension – An interpreter should understand whatever is written or spoken during the conversation.

In the course activities, you will practice:

  • Shadowing in both the source and target languages – This improves your simultaneous interpreting skills.
  • Chunking – This improves your short-term memory skills so that you remember and recall the information in the conversation.
  • Paraphrasing – This improves your ability to interpret accurately without judgment and focus on the meaning of a speaker’s message, not just the words.

Dean of Education

Margaret "Peg" Haas, M.A.

As a Spanish professor in the Department of Modern & Classical Language Studies at Kent State University, which is one of the nation’s largest and most successful programs for teaching professional linguists, Peg taught numerous courses on a wide range of subjects, from basic language acquisition courses to advanced linguistic concepts. 🔷 During her tenure as a professor, Peg traveled to Cuba, Costa Rica, and Ecuador as the organizer of student programs in those locations. She also participated with her graduate students in medical missions to Nicaragua. These missions involved training staff in mammography and radiology techniques and breast disease treatments. Her team functioned as the Spanish interpreters for the trainers, and the team received special thanks from the first lady of Nicaragua for their work. 🔷 Now retired from the university, Peg remains active in teaching, as the dean of education for, and participates in industry efforts to improve language access.


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